Student Services

doctor helping the patientAMG School of Licensed Practical Nursing is career and placement oriented and is dedicated to helping students succeed.

Students are provided with educational advisement upon admission; are enrolled in programs that best meet their individual needs, abilities, and career goals.

At AMG School of Licensed Practical Nursing students experience a supportive and stimulating student-centered learning environment which affords constant accessibility to academic and career counseling; and are assisted by career professionals who provide placement services to students and graduates.

Tutoring services are  available to all our students.

Career Advisement and Job Placement Strategies

Because AMG School of Licensed Practical Nursing believes that job placement is as important as the academic program, the School provides career advising and placement services to both students and graduates.

The School also conducts several pre-placement interviews to determine each student’s employment goals. Abilities and preferences and how they relate to current job opportunities are discussed, skills and interests are matched with available opportunities, and interviewing strategies are developed. Individual assistance with résumé preparation and job interviewing strategies is an integral part of the educational program, and career fairs and on-campus employer presentations are organized on a regular basis. Appointments are then scheduled for students with companies seeking AMG School of Licensed Practical Nursing’s graduates.

Professional Development

All students complete Professional Development, a course that focuses on exploring career opportunities. Students are encourage to further their education by climbing the career ladder from LPN to RN through the Bridge Program.